Move 30 Collective

30 Min of Movement for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit, for a happier + healthier you!


Moving Your Mind, Body, Spirit makes for better living.

Take time to just move. Your body longs to feel alive!
— Anonymous

Take the Pledge

#IMove30 #WeMove30

Pledge to start moving 30 minutes a day (mind, body, OR spirit)! 

You have a collective community cheering you on and supporting you! Today is the start to a happier and healthier you.  


What Happens When You Move

The benefits of moving are endless. Once the habit is embedded it creates ongoing positive possibility for the rest of your life. Improved Energy, better health, better mental clarity, and better emotional balance are just to name a few. 


Make Moving Fun

This isn't about being the fastest, the first, or the most ripped! This is about loving yourself and enjoying being good to yourself with movement on a daily basis.

Dance, hop, walk, meditate, run, bike, forest bath, swim, hike, ski, paddle, yoga it, jump, the choices for fun movement are abundant! Go explore and see which is the most fun for you. 


Tell Us How You Move

Sharing is caring. Inspire others with your journey of movement. Share your favorite ways to move, how you make it fun, and how you make it a habit. 

We want to create a supportive community so that we can all learn and stay inspired to live a happier and healthier life. 


Wellness and Movement.

There is no one size fit all approach to health and wellness. We know that. Living a happy and healthy life is something everyone should be able to enjoy in their own way. 

With increasing rates of burnout, heart disease, and more... all we know is that moving is good not just for the body, but also for the mind and soul. That's why we launched this movement! 



Dedicated to change.

We want to elevate the overall health and wellness of millions of people around the world in a fun, approachable, and inspiring way.

We know movement of mind, body, and spirit, are critical elements contributing to better physical and mental health. 

Help us reach 1 Million Pledges for healthier and happier living by the end of the year!