We've just launched Move 30 Collective!

It will take a global collective of amazing humans, companies, and cities invested in improving the health and wellness of millions.

Partner with us to help us reaching 1 Million pledges for better health and wellness around the world.

The ask is simple, just move your mind, body, or spirit for 30 minutes a day everyday.

City partner

Are you an "Active" City or do you want to be? Then partner with us to reach everyone in your city, show them fun ways to move in your city, and show the world why it's good for cities to place focus on the health and wellness of their people.


Company partner

Place health and wellness at the forefront of your company! Inspire a movement internally and help us reach millions with your commitment and partnership. We feature you, your team, your company on our site, collaborate on events and media engagements around the world. Inspire other companies to follow your example!

Healthy people, are happy people, and make for a more engaged and productive workforce!

media partner

Become a media outreach partner to help share messaging, stories, events on how to Move 30 with the world, your local city, state, or country. 

Opportunities for co-branded or co-hosted media events as well.



event partner

We want to share #iMove30 with the world! Partner with us to host events getting people to move their mind, body, or spirit for 30 minutes in your city. Possibilities include to host your own event, co-host an event, or co-brand an event. We would love to hear from you!