We've just launched Move 30 Collective!

It will take a global collective of amazing humans and companies to share our message to reach 1 Million pledges for better health and wellness around the world.

The ask is simple, just move your mind, body, or spirit for 30 minutes a day everyday.



Are you a movement fanatic like us?! Share our message with your community, partner with us for events, tag posts #iMove30 #Move30Collective, or contact us for a feature!


Company pledge partner

Take the lead and enroll your company as a pledge partner! What does this mean? You pledge yourself and recruit your team members to join. We feature you, your team, your company on our site. Inspire other companies to join!


amplify on social media

Simply share, repost, or tag us with #iMove30 #Move30Collective. The more of a conversation we can start around the benefits of movement of mind, body, spirit the better!